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BRAINS creates a customized learning program for every student. Our students have shown that our program is very effective in improving their English level and their thinking process. The program trains students to learn English as native speakers do. Classes are conducted using English as the only language of instruction. English lessons on rules and concepts are minimal, while there is a heavy focus on enhancing students’ creativity, judgment, analytical skills, knowledge, and understanding of various concepts in English. Thus, they naturally learn the language as they develop the skills to collect, analyze, and present different information.

We offer a wide array of classes that are suitable for students of varying ages, levels, and nationalities. Classes offered are:

  • all one-on-one (whether face-to-face or online)

  • 50-minute long (you can have more than one 50-minute class; there is a 10-minute break in between classes)

  • taken either face-to-face, online, or a combination of both

  • engaging, fun, and interactive (regardless of what you're studying)

Hotel Reception

General English


English Proficiency Tests

Happy Businessman

Business English

Student Classroom Desks

Admission Tests (English)

Construction Site Managers

English for Specific Purposes

College Student Going to School

University Pathways

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