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Molding a new generation of independent learners


About Us

Breakthrough Academic Institute (BRAINS) is an institution that has been in the English language education industry for more than a decade. Our academy has been providing one-on-one (1:1) English programs for both adults and young learners. These 1:1 interactive and engaging classes allow students to learn English the way native speakers do.

Since our institute is committed to excellence and service at the highest degree, our professional teachers deliver world-class pedagogy that drives positive student growth, but at the same time aim to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Our academy has the best qualities of both large school-based ESL programs and other private ESL academies. We offer more personal attention and support to our students and provide the highest quality academic preparation in English.

Online Class

Our Mission

To create a learning environment that values independence and equips learners with essential skills for social, professional, and academic success. 

Our Vision

To provide a happy, compassionate, and motivating environment where our faculty and students can recognize and achieve their fullest potential to give their best contribution to society. 

Smiling Students and Teacher

What our students say about us

The academy helped me improve my English skills a lot. Not only will you be learning how to read and write, but you also get to communicate with friendly teachers, so I really enjoyed going to class every week. I studied for the TOEIC test and took practice exams during class. This helped me get a high score and get into the school that I want.

BA English and American Literature, Aoyama Gakuin University

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